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Automation Integrator

Automation integrator is a technology company that integrates various components of automation, robotics or electrics. In fact, the scope of activity of integrator companies is much wider. Customers typically ask such companies to design a production line, robotic station, or machine with specific specifications. A good system integrator is also suitable for upgrading machines or integrating IT systems and machines at different levels – that is, in typical Industry 4.0 applications.


Where to start automation?

There is only one answer to the question of where to start automation. We start with the product! We analyze all materials and processes from the moment of ordering raw materials or components to the departure of the finished packaged product. What is important here is the way in which the components are fed (e.g. whether they are packed and fed in bags, feeders or trays) and all component activities and material flow. The integrator can look at these processes with a professional eye and find so-called  bottlenecks so that it can propose a new solution.

What is not worth automating?

Based on today’s technologies, almost anything can be done. But what is not worth automating? For sure what does will not have return of investment. Activities requiring agility of human fingers or visual inspection of man in some cases are better left to operators and assembles. On the other hand, repetitive operations such as twisting, soldering, packaging are best suited for automation and usually have a shorter payback time.


Offering is the entire process of learning about customer demand. It includes not only the price, but also the specific solutions that the system integrator presents. The offer price consists of different parts such as:

– automation concept

– design and construction of structures, electrical, pneumatic, mechanical systems

– control and electrical cabinet

– ready-made automation components purchased from distributors – sensors, systems, security

– other machinery forming part of the contract – tooling robots, adhesive dispensers or gaskets,

– external expertise

– additional costs – accounting service, fuel, hotels, machine transport to customer.





Integrator like inventor

Most of the machines that make up engineering companies are basically inventions, actually prototypes. The whole complicated relationship between the ordering party and the contractor should be based on safety buffers. This means that excessive indicators (e.g. 100 % effectiveness) are in principle unattainable.   The integrator should behave professionally informing the client, and not accept kuntilde order to just keep the company.

Tough industry

System integration is a difficult industry that requires knowledge in many fields. It is impossible to be a specialist in all technologies, so sometimes engineers will only get acquainted with it in the purchase technology, and yet it still needs to be implemented and communicated with other systems.


The challenges that await integrators continue to grow, as do the challenges facing manufacturing companies. A good partnership is the foundation for joint success. At Alnea we offer transparent, long-term cooperation. They have already trusted us – IKEA, Kongsberg  Automotive, Vesla, Corning, Budmat, Signify and many others. If you want to see our portfolio – go to the implementations.

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