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Archiwum dla miesiąca: December 2020

Alnea Team wishes you Merry Christmas!

How good that Christmas is at the end of the year. Tired of uncertainty and restrictions, crawled by fate whose “name we will not speak today”, we can sit in the glow of Christmas lights surrounded by loved ones or in the online presence of those who are far from home …


Dear friends, we wish you peace, joy and love this Christmas, so family and warm. Let what is sad be forgotten, and what is beautiful and good will remain. Let the shine of the star of Bethlehem illuminate the trail ahead of us.

We are for you

The Alnea team is created especially for you. Engineers, designers, constructors, electricians, mechanics, robotics, automation and many other people responsible for projects in our team Alnea creates for you the visualizations, projects and machines you expect. We are for you.

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Production tester – project optimization and scalability

We have made a project   for a optical fiber production company. The manual test station was intended to help the operator to difficultly pass the correct marking and position of the fiber optics in the sockets. We have prepared the position for three different types of products – thanks to which the return on investment was shorter than expected.  The production tester designed by us ensured optimization and ergonomics of work and allowed for the scalability of the project.


Testing station

Our testers are designed to be simple and operator-friendly. The test station is equipped with an HMI touch screen, thanks to which the operator chooses the right model. The prepared ribbon is laid out in the  darkroom, and the other end is then pluged into the power socket. The closing of the darkroom  is verified  by  the  induction sensor because the quality of the test depends on the lack of external light.

The video sensor controls the order in which the fiber ribbon LEDs light up, allowing the operator to guide the product step-by-step through the testing process. Subsequent ribbons in the fixture A are postponed to fixture B in the correct order detected by the video system. The PLC management system,  in turn,  generates labels  which  ensures our  quality.


Quick application

The biggest challenge of the project was the high standards of the process, which had to take place in a complete darkroom, and then further steps should be done flawlessly. We know how important it is to maintain quality with a small number of NOKs. Our production tester was able to implement quickly, and a satisfied customer ordered another 5 testing stations.

If you are interested in purchasing production testers – contact us. We will make analyses, design and perform a production tester for you. We have experience in building electrical, electronic, vision system controll, pressure, leak and other testers.

If you need a dedicated vision system
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our partners

Industry 4.0 – support for companies

The idea of Industry 4.0 is first of all a digitalization of  business and production processes. Collecting data and creating layers of information processing is now not only a vision, but a real need for Polish enterprises. Because Industry 4.0 is not just sensors,  IOlink, RFID or controllers, but above all system integration. Fortunately, at  Alnea we have gathered the necessary competences to support companies.


Cooperation is important

Consulting, auditing and implementing new technologies across a wide spectrum for different industrial companies is a big challenge. As a member of the Metal Processing Cluster, we often share knowledge and experience with our partners. We have established cooperation with the Foundation Industry of Future – this valuable initiative is precisely due to the assumption that cooperation is important. Also, our Conference of  Automation and Robotics of Industry is an action for the development of Polish North-East Region.

Training for managers

The fear that machines will replace humans has existed ever since mass production measures were introduced. However, a person will always be needed, it is important that he is in the right position. The competences of managers and engineers need to be further developed. That’s why we have a special training program for executives. The training program includes the presentation of industrial robots, cobots, mobile robots, management systems, new business models and specific implementations and innovation applications.

Our products

Creating our products such as Zeus Soledring  Set (robotic soldering) and Horus  Vision  System (robot positioning in space) we adapted them to the broader BIG DATA or IIoT  (Industrial  Internet of Things).  We can collect and process production data so that flexible small-series production is cost-effective, faster and user-friendly.

Why Industry 4.0?

Finally, the question we could start with. Why Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is an idea, not a finished product. Digitalisation, collaboration and are  essential. But we also need to produce these new technologies ourselves, otherwise we will only become consumers of products and services from abroad.


How to implement Industry 4.0?

Wondering where to start implementing new technologies or looking for new business models – please contact us!

We will come to you and offer you a good solution. We can also meet online to learn about your needs. We are flexible and we will tailor the best way to cooperate with your company.

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