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Archiwum dla miesiąca: May 2020

Modernization of assembly line for lightning frames

Good work is the best marketing. Our assembly lines are of interest to customers. We are currently modernizing the line we commissioned last year. There were basically two lines – one semi-automatic and the other with an additional robotic station with the “bypass” mode. This means that the glass can be mounted on the lamps by Omron robots (6-axis Viper and 3-axis Sara) or bypassing the work of robots in manual mode.


Investments in the time of virus

The best investment during the crisis? You don’t have to buy a new line, just add new functionality to the existing one. Alnea automates smart – our stations are so well thought out and designed that assembly of new products is possible! At the stage of creating the line, there was no new product – NANO lamps. The modularity of our solution allows not only for turning the new lamp, but also for flexible conversion.

How to simply modernize the assembly line?

We know how to easily modernize the assembly line! First, we modified the transport stands that position the lamps. We made small changes in the pinner and adjusted the glass pressure, which is one of the quality factors in production. We made changes to the code in the PLC and refined the vision system for process control.

The copy of the line about which we wrote HERE will also be equipped with new functionality.

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