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ALNEA / Furniture packing system

Furniture packing system

Packing parts of furniture into cardboard boxes is a complex process. Each package consists of many parts – furniture boards, fittings, spacers, filling. Usually in a furniture factory this is a manual process. Employees stand on both sides of the packaging line and insert the individual components. The packaging process can be quickly automated.

One system – many elements

How to make one system pack many different elements? Parts differ in size, color, shape and are usually stored on pallets. Horus is a system that positions the robot in space. It is an eye for the robot that supports the offset of production. This means that the Horus head robot scans the workspace and then takes the corresponding components and puts them in the packaging. Parts of the furniture do not need to be arranged correctly or additionally positioned. It is one system – many elements are packed.


Pack line


Pack line for many type of elements – flexible and reliable. Nest production gives opportunity to change products and quick retooling. On many lines packing of furniture elements there are many robots with different grippers. Horus Vision System and one Schmalz gripper can make almost every job on line.


KUKA robot


Kuka robot with Horus Vision System is involved in packing line in IKEA. Packing application handles various furniture in one packing. The system is flexible due to changes in lighting, color, shape and arrangement of elements. Customized gripper can pick a wooden parts, paper or honeycomb spacers also fittings and screws.

Watch the video to find a perfect solution for furniture packing system.



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