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Archiwum dla miesiąca: July 2020

New assembly line

Our new application is manual assembly line. We’ve completed our first line for this investor over a year ago. The second semi-automatic line was equipped with a robotized station – the scara robot and the six-axis robot were integrated so as to collect the glass and screw it to the lighting lamp holder. It’s nice to enter a hall so unified in terms of production machines and equipment.


One line, many products…

The line consists of 7 modular stations, which is equipped with a conveyor belt and a return conveyor. Each of station is prepared for specific operations that employees perform so that a  product is finished in the last position.

Dedicated stands, on which lamps covers are transported in cycles automatically between the stations.  Well calculated tacktimes ensure that all operations are well synchronized.

Mission Impossible Integrator

Alnea is a technology company that designs and manufactures production lines, assembly lines and robotic stations. We have already created many such production stations, among others for sectors such as:


electronics industry

construction sector,

furniture industry

and other.

Automations - intralogostics/h2>

Alnea is also a distributor of mobile robots. Automation of supplies and intralogistics in a company is an important part of investment. AGV autonomous mobile robots deliver details, elements and collect goods and bring them to the warehouse. One map of the hall can be used to determine many routes and the ability to call the robot when it is needed. Customized construction means maximum efficiency and quick return on investment.

Production line - designing, building, implementing

If the machine you are looking for does not exist on the market – you can be sure that we will build it for you. We will come, get research the process, requirements and simply design a line that will meet your expectations. Do you want to produce faster, maybe more reliably or more precisely – write to us!

If you would like to receive an offer for the modernization of a production or assembly line
write to us as soon as possible: