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since 1984
on the market

ALNEA exists on the market since 1984. Initially, as ALNA, we provided services in the field of anti-corrosive protection and road construction. Since 2010, now as ALNEA we operate on the market of dedicated solutions for industry. We specialize in design and manufacture of machines and devices for needs of customer.

During several years of engineering activity, we have developed testers of electric, pneumatic and mechanical parameters, robotized production stations and lines, automatic and semiautomatic assembly stations. One of ALNEAs most developed processes is selective soldering, which we specialize in. The result is acquisition of a patent and soldering controller ZEUS-100. We also have competences in the field of SCADA systems and programming in Labviev environment. We are certified partner of KUKA and National instruments.


W skład grupy Alnea wchodzą dwie prężnie rozwijające się spółki.



The history of Alnea dates back to the 1980s, so our experience in individual stages of the project can be counted in 10 years.

In the years 2010-2016 we focused on the automation and robotization of production processes, which caused the geometric development of the company and the opening of dedicated directional enterprises.

We are a family company and DNA determines family ties, which we perceive in the process of automation and robotization as identified values.


Krzysztof Kamiński Chairman of the board
Marcin Kamiński Chairman of the board
ALNEA Robotics


Alnea is looking for people with highest technical skills, enthusiasts of automation, who value family atmosphere in workplace and opportunity of constant development.

Join ALNEA’s team and create the future of polish robotics.


We invite you to cooperate with local, regional and national media.

We provide

  • consultations,
  • interviews
  • industry automation Industry 4.0,
  • the latest robotics technologies and more! To arrange a conversation, please contact us by email:


Alnea offers two options of contacts! If you are planning automation of your production hall, invite us and we will familiarize at with your problems and goals location and suggest the best solution.

Whereas If you need additional dose of knowledge, you can invite us to your event or company meeting, during which we will present capabilities of ALNEA, perform a reading, lecture, conduct thematic training or a show of our robots operation.


Any questions? Write to us!

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