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packing station

The furniture industry is implementing more and more automation solutions. After all, our region is a real woody basin and a paradise for furniture manufacturers. A leading company in the industry challenged us and on its behalf we prepared a packaging stand.

Packages with furniture

We analyzed 32 different packages of furniture in terms of individual elements that are in it – from furniture boards, fillings, fittings and spacers. We’ve also developed a clever way to put these parts in packages.


Horus – a flexible tool

The biggest problem in the packaging process was the way the elements were fed. They were stored on pallets without positioning. The robot as a tool is very precise, but blind. Horus – the eye for the robot allows for offset processes so that the robot could take plates and spacers directly from the pallet.




Factory 4.0

Robotic packaging was possible thanks to a set of tools. A Horus scanning head and a Schmalz vacuum gripper  are mounted to the KUKA robot arm. The robot scans the working field in 3D, the algorithm marks the individual parts, and the gripper takes them. This flexible solution allows you to take with one tool both furniture boards (regardless of color, shape or thickness), paper spacers, honeycomb spacers. Tacktime for individual processes was 6 s for individual parts of the packages.


At Alnea, we know how to automate with our heads. We also optimize processes in the furniture industry. We are also waiting for the announcement of the PARP – Robogrant competition.  It is to include support for furniture companies in the purchase of a robot. PARP has been conducting promotional activities for several months, but the competition has not yet been announced, and the deadline is still being postponed.

Construction industry can be also automatised! If you want to receive an offer for a robotized position - write to us!




Processes automation

Process automation is the Holy Grail of manufacturing and service companies. Desirable, difficult to implement, time-consuming and expensive. Actually, why do we perceive the automation and robotization industry in this way, or AiR for short? There are many reasons, and the need to find funds for modernization, staff training, a good business plan, i.e. also an appropriate ROI (Return of Investment – investment profitability indicator) are just some of them.


How to drive digital transformation


Because how many failed technology implementations are there – from machines, production lines to ERP systems that do not work as they should? How many robots are purchased that are sadly standing in a corner because resources have run out, the project manager has left or the concept has changed? These questions are only rhetorical. However, the answers to them are simply substantive. You need to gain knowledge on how to carry out digital transformation.




AiR Conference


The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship is one of the largest, but also the poorest in Poland. We have many great companies, but each is focused on its own development without expanding cooperation, networking, supporting each other in various initiatives. We do not have a cluster that would be a navigator and a guarantor of a loyal partnership. The AiR conference  is one event a year, but the cooperation of representatives of distributors of automation, robotics, machines, IT solutions with owners, managers.   engineers of production or service companies  last all year round. A two-day exhibition, accompanying events, lectures, debates and a banquet allow you to start an organic way for suppliers, intermediaries and recipients to create new value chains.


Development prospects


Cooperation at the conference is only the beginning of a broader perspective of the company’s development, but also of the entire province, even more – Polish North-East – together with Pomorskie and Podlaski. In our activities for education and entrepreneurship development, also as a member of the Metalworking Cluster, we want to start our region and encourage companies to develop.  Inceptum, i.e. the Association  for Supporting the Development of Entrepreneurship in Warmia, Mazury and Powiśle, is the main initiator of the creation of a new Regional Smart Specialization which will be Green Automation and Digitization (ZAiC).


Registration for the AiR Conference


The two-day exhibition, which will take place

in Olsztyn on October 5-6, will be a great opportunity to present our local companies. But it is also an invitation to extended cooperation and promotion – we want to act together.

Submit a company for the exhibition – coordinator

Apply as a participant –



Need vision system or packing robot? Contact us:


pozostałe aktualności


Industry Automation and Robotization Conference – 5th edition

This year, the Automation and Robotization of Industry Conference will have its fifth edition. There will be no shortage of technological curiosities, innovations and instruments to support manufacturing enterprises.

This year’s A&R conference in a new version:

– a full two exhibition days on October 5-6, plus:

– 5.10 – Open Day Say Hello to the Robot

– Student Automation Championship – e-sport in PLC programming

– 6.10 – Conference with the participation of partner companies

– festive banquet

As usual, we plan demonstrations, interviews, lectures and promotion of partner companies on our websites, social media and friendly portals – including the Industrial Portal.


Conference publication


This year we would like to add a conference publication – in cooperation with Gazeta Olsztynska, we want to create a paper version of the newspaper. It would contain articles on industry from the perspective of partners – how we support Polish companies in digital transformation. It would be distributed throughout the country and abroad as well.

There are many plans, but what really counts in the Conference is the knowledge and experience shared by partner companies.



A&R Conference


The A&R conference is primarily about:

– promotion among companies of the region

– promotion on the Internet – and, YouTube

– the opportunity to present solutions in the field of technology, IT, support for companies

– the possibility of starting cooperation with other enterprises.

We provide knowledge on how Polish companies can automate themselves to build a competitive advantage on the market.


Student Automation Championship


At the same time, we support students who choose technical sciences. This year, for the first time, we are organizing the Student Automation Championships.

The competition will be organized in the form of e-sports, i.e. the finalists will program PLCs live in streaming.

We would like to talk about the work of an automation engineer on the air and encourage young people to choose the professions of the future.

Do you want to be conference partner comapny Contact us: