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ALNEA / Automation Systems Integrator

Automation Systems Integrator

In Alnea, we design, build and implement robots, production lines, assembly lines, robotic stations. As an integrator of automation systems, we create non-standard solutions – EOL testers, prototype machines for automotive, electronics, construction, furniture. We implement Industry 4.0 in companies.




VR visualization

VR visualization helps us design the solution down to the smallest detail from the planning stage. We create virtual factories, digitize processes or build a digital twin.


Production lines

Our largest production lines were created for automotive. Stations connected by one process are used to produce valves that you have in the seats of your cars if you drive a Volvo or Audi.



Assembly lines

Assembly lines were ordered from us by companies producing lighting. 4 different automatic lines, semi-automatic and robotic, are used for the assembly of street lighting lamps. We adapt our lines to flexible production. Special positioners adapted to different dimensions of lamps allow for quick changeover.


EOL Testers

Testers are an important part of production. First of all, they increase the efficiency of the production line, but also save components, energy and time. As a system integrator, we have prepared, built test benches based on leak testers at the level of helium atoms. Our latest testers improve the work of installers in the production of fiber optic connectors.


We build machines

Yes, we build machines and custom solutions.   Our potting buffer takes over the resin-flooded diecasts, directs them to the right place on one of 4 different transport lanes. The resin solidifies in 24 hours, and after this time the finished elements can be picked up from the warehouse. We know that production is variable so we left room for 2 additional belts that can be expanded with the machine.



Robotic stations

We adapt our robotic workstations to the needs of our customers. 3 such station solder and assembly  TV tuners in the Czech Republic. And another robotic station gutter riveting hooks for a leading Polish roof manufacturer.


Industrial robots

We have been integrating industrial robots for more than 10 years.  We have already implemented KUKA, Mitsubishi, Omron, Fanuc, Yanome robots,  as well as mobile robots and Unoversal Robots cobots. A robot is just a machine that needs the right tools and optimal processes. That’s why we’ve created tools for robots:

– for soldering,

– Horus vision system,

Together with Schmalz , we have developed a Horus furniture packaging system and a special gripper that allows for flexible processes.

We have already integrated 72 robots and have experience in robot tooling!


Industry 4.0

The idea of Industry 4.0 requires many educational, popularizing and promotional activities. We created two demonstrators of  the industry of the future, and also conducted 3 rounds of training for managers. We implement Industry 4.0 and, as a system integrator, share our knowledge with others.

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