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Automation Systems Integrator

In Alnea, we design, build and implement robots, production lines, assembly lines, robotic stations. As an integrator of automation systems, we create non-standard solutions – EOL testers, prototype machines for automotive, electronics, construction, furniture. We implement Industry 4.0 in companies.




VR visualization

VR visualization helps us design the solution down to the smallest detail from the planning stage. We create virtual factories, digitize processes or build a digital twin.


Production lines

Our largest production lines were created for automotive. Stations connected by one process are used to produce valves that you have in the seats of your cars if you drive a Volvo or Audi.



Assembly lines

Assembly lines were ordered from us by companies producing lighting. 4 different automatic lines, semi-automatic and robotic, are used for the assembly of street lighting lamps. We adapt our lines to flexible production. Special positioners adapted to different dimensions of lamps allow for quick changeover.


EOL Testers

Testers are an important part of production. First of all, they increase the efficiency of the production line, but also save components, energy and time. As a system integrator, we have prepared, built test benches based on leak testers at the level of helium atoms. Our latest testers improve the work of installers in the production of fiber optic connectors.


We build machines

Yes, we build machines and custom solutions.   Our potting buffer takes over the resin-flooded diecasts, directs them to the right place on one of 4 different transport lanes. The resin solidifies in 24 hours, and after this time the finished elements can be picked up from the warehouse. We know that production is variable so we left room for 2 additional belts that can be expanded with the machine.



Robotic stations

We adapt our robotic workstations to the needs of our customers. 3 such station solder and assembly  TV tuners in the Czech Republic. And another robotic station gutter riveting hooks for a leading Polish roof manufacturer.


Industrial robots

We have been integrating industrial robots for more than 10 years.  We have already implemented KUKA, Mitsubishi, Omron, Fanuc, Yanome robots,  as well as mobile robots and Unoversal Robots cobots. A robot is just a machine that needs the right tools and optimal processes. That’s why we’ve created tools for robots:

– for soldering,

– Horus vision system,

Together with Schmalz , we have developed a Horus furniture packaging system and a special gripper that allows for flexible processes.

We have already integrated 72 robots and have experience in robot tooling!


Industry 4.0

The idea of Industry 4.0 requires many educational, popularizing and promotional activities. We created two demonstrators of  the industry of the future, and also conducted 3 rounds of training for managers. We implement Industry 4.0 and, as a system integrator, share our knowledge with others.

Need vision system or packing robot? Contact us:


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Regional Council of Future Industry in Warmia and Mazury

Krzysztof Kamiński, President of Alnea, has been appointed to the Regional Council of Future Industry.

The Future Industry Platform is a government institution that supports companies in implementing innovation and Industry 4.0. As part of it, regional councils are created to be an advisory and contact body with entrepreneurs in order to better understand their needs.


The Future Industry Platform

The Future Industry Platform supports digital transformation processes and the implementation of innovations. Its operation also includes the development of new business models to meet the requirements of the market, i.e. to obtain and maintain the competitive advantage of Polish companies.

Establishment of the FI Council of Warmia and Mazury


The regional councils are composed of people involved in the development of the voivodship – people of business, science and administration.  On October 25, in Ostróda, the appointment of the FI Council of Warmia and Mazury, which included Krzysztof Kamiński – President of the Alnea Group. This honor is not only a distinction of activity, but also a deposit of trust and a  commitment to the affairs of the region.

Need more information about Horus? Contact us:



Furniture packing system

Packing parts of furniture into cardboard boxes is a complex process. Each package consists of many parts – furniture boards, fittings, spacers, filling. Usually in a furniture factory this is a manual process. Employees stand on both sides of the packaging line and insert the individual components. The packaging process can be quickly automated.

One system – many elements

How to make one system pack many different elements? Parts differ in size, color, shape and are usually stored on pallets. Horus is a system that positions the robot in space. It is an eye for the robot that supports the offset of production. This means that the Horus head robot scans the workspace and then takes the corresponding components and puts them in the packaging. Parts of the furniture do not need to be arranged correctly or additionally positioned. It is one system – many elements are packed.


Pack line


Pack line for many type of elements – flexible and reliable. Nest production gives opportunity to change products and quick retooling. On many lines packing of furniture elements there are many robots with different grippers. Horus Vision System and one Schmalz gripper can make almost every job on line.


KUKA robot


Kuka robot with Horus Vision System is involved in packing line in IKEA. Packing application handles various furniture in one packing. The system is flexible due to changes in lighting, color, shape and arrangement of elements. Customized gripper can pick a wooden parts, paper or honeycomb spacers also fittings and screws.

Watch the video to find a perfect solution for furniture packing system.



Need more information about Horus? Contact us:



Industry Automation and Robotization Conference – 5th edition

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This year, the Automation and Robotization of Industry Conference will have its fifth edition. There will be no shortage of technological curiosities, innovations and instruments to support manufacturing enterprises.

This year’s A&R conference in a new version:

– a full two exhibition days on October 5-6, plus:

– 5.10 – Open Day Say Hello to the Robot

– Student Automation Championship – e-sport in PLC programming

– 6.10 – Conference with the participation of partner companies

– festive banquet

As usual, we plan demonstrations, interviews, lectures and promotion of partner companies on our websites, social media and friendly portals – including the Industrial Portal.


Conference publication


This year we would like to add a conference publication – in cooperation with Gazeta Olsztynska, we want to create a paper version of the newspaper. It would contain articles on industry from the perspective of partners – how we support Polish companies in digital transformation. It would be distributed throughout the country and abroad as well.

There are many plans, but what really counts in the Conference is the knowledge and experience shared by partner companies.



A&R Conference


The A&R conference is primarily about:

– promotion among companies of the region

– promotion on the Internet – and, YouTube

– the opportunity to present solutions in the field of technology, IT, support for companies

– the possibility of starting cooperation with other enterprises.

We provide knowledge on how Polish companies can automate themselves to build a competitive advantage on the market.


Student Automation Championship


At the same time, we support students who choose technical sciences. This year, for the first time, we are organizing the Student Automation Championships.

The competition will be organized in the form of e-sports, i.e. the finalists will program PLCs live in streaming.

We would like to talk about the work of an automation engineer on the air and encourage young people to choose the professions of the future.

Do you want to be conference partner comapny Contact us:



Automatica Munich

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The world is changing at a dizzying pace. The last hundred years, from the Henry Ford first production line to the present day, have been an unimaginable leap in the idea of ​​managing and producing goods. The constant expansion of the market, evolution, dying and the emergence of new products and services forces us to improve the tools and improve production. Automatica Munich is a kind of litmus test of the development of companies towards automation.


Better production


Robotics solutions reigned supreme at the trade fair in Munich. Applications for machine tending, robotic painting, welding, soldering, vision inspection are just some of the robotic packages presented by the exhibitors. Nevertheless, cobots and their accessories – quickchangers and grippers – took the place. Of course, there were also mobile robots that support logistics, but can also be an integral part of collaborating robots.

And like automation


Alnea starts with “A”, “A” Like automation, that is Automatica. We have always appreciated these fairs because they particularly touch upon problems related to modern production and technologies supporting companies in the field of new production lines, machines and robotic stations. We offer our partners comprehensive support in the field of process robotization.


Support levels


Cooperation with Alnea can take place on different principles, which include different levels of support. We encourage our clients to design activities – we create a concept in VR, and then we can implement it with the certainty that the assumptions are feasible. More and more companies are also asking about the possibility of modernizing machines and improving safety, so we also operate in this field. We invite you to our position – we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Need eye for the robot? Contact us:


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Hannover Messe – fair of the future

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Hannover Messe is a fair of the future, perhaps not about metaverse or dystopian visions of the world. Thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of lectures, meetings and presentations aim to indicate trends in the industry and industry of the future. One event, four days is a huge dose of knowledge about how we will produce, what we will create, how to protect our world and influence society. At the Fair, you can see new technological solutions, follow the evolution of trends and create plans for the future.


Alnea at the Hannover Messe


Alnea has exhibited at the Hannover Messe many times. In 2018, Poland was the leading country, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself took part in our position. In 2019, we used the PAIH hospitality and we were present at the national stand, right next to Sweden, which perfectly honored the host. We were extremely proud to be able to stand under the white and red flag.


Inspiration 4.0


We have industry 4.0, we have factories 4.0, maybe we will add the Inspiration 4.0 option? There is no single recipe for the industry of the future, but you can get inspired by various solutions and adapt them to the needs of your own company. The goals of sustainable development are development on many levels, and thanks to it, we can achieve more in optimal conditions.


Innovation in Alnea


At our stand at the Hannover Messe, we present products that are the result of our many years of experience in system integration. Robotic soldering and robot eye are patented solutions for production and process improvement. We invite you to our stand for talks on automation and robotization.

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Global Industrie

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Global Industrie is a trade fair thathas been held for 4 years alternately in two cities – Lyon, and this year in Paris. It is an exhibition dedicated to industry, both in the automation, robotics, energy and logistics. The event gathers companies not only from Europe, but also from around the world – from start-ups, machine manufacturers, distributors, to clusters and scientific institutions.


Alnea on Global Industrie


Alnea is exhibiting at Global Industrie for the first time. At our stand, you could see solutions in the field of robotic soldering, production offset and solutions for automation of assembly processes, palletizing and broadly understood production.  You can also see for yourself how our eye works for a robot – i.e. Horus Vision System 3D.

Need eye for the robot? Contact us:


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Alnea on fairs

Pozostałe wpisy:

17-20.05 welcome to Global Industrie Paris Hall 5 R154



30.05-02.06 we will see you at Hannover Messe Hall 6 B16/1




21-24.06 you will be able to meet us at the Automatica fair  in Munich Hall A4.121





What new at the fair on the Alnea stand?

  1. Horus 3D vision system – an eye for a robot
  2. Zeus – soldering set on a robot
  3. Offsett production
  4. Positioning of elements and pick&place
  5. Our latest implementations for the furniture, electronics and construction industries.


Our Alnea team will answer your questions and share their knowledge and experience in the automation and robotics industry.

We hope that we will be able to meet in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and talk about Industry 4.0.

Need eye for the robot? Contact us:


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News from Alnea

The beginning of the year we have in Alnea very busy. The activities planned by us have not changed. The calendar of activities for the first six months is already quite substantial, mainly due to the various initiatives in which we will participate.


V Conference Automation and Robotization 5-6 October Ostróda

The next edition of the conference will take place in October, but we are already waiting for applications from Partners, Exhibitors and Sponsors. As usual, we are working to make the V Conference Automation and Robotization on October 5-6 Ostróda even more interesting:

– 2 exhibition days

– Open Day Say hello to the robot

– PLC programming competition for students

– #A&R Conference



ELEKTRON SHOW is an event organized by the Electronic and Telecommunications Schools in Olsztyn. Alnea as a partner company attends job fairs and other events. We also accept apprentices and interns from Elektronic. It is also a partner school as part of the planned EDIH.


Alnea jako the consortium leader  has already submitted an application for the creation of EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub).  The North-Eastern Technology Center (NETC) brings together companies such as Alnea, Erko, DIH4AI, 4NETWORKERS in cooperation with Elektronik, the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and  the Ełk Science and Technology Park.



Alena, as a member of the FAIRP Forum for Automation and Polish Robotics, works for the popularization of technological changes. We invite you to visit the Association’s website – there you can find the latest information on the relief for robotization.


Global Kom Fair in Paris – 17-20.05

We are going to several different trade fairs this year. The Internationalization project, in which we participate thanks to the cooperation of the Metalworking Cluster, starts with Global Kom in Paris.  On May 17-20 you will be able to visit us in Hall 5.


Hannover Messe  30.05-02.06

We will also be present at the Hanover Tarach on 30.05-02.06. You can find us in Hall 6.


Automatica Fair in Munich 21-24.06

At all foreign fairs we will present our solutions in the field of vision systems used in robotics. In Munich, our stand will be in Hall A4.


Conference in Bialystok 23-24.06

Also at the end of June, the International Scientific Conference Challenges in Management of Economy 4.0 will be held, in which Alnea is a Technology Partner. During the two-day event, it will be possible to participate in lectures, study visits and an exhibition of technologies in the field of Industry 4.0. smart city, digital transformation and innovation.

Need conveyor stsems? Contact us:


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5 levels of automation

The last few years have brought us an incredible increase in automation in the service sector. Digital transformation has also strongly affected some industries – especially food. Manufactured products must be of good quality, be diverse and tailored to the needs of the customer, and the fact that these change quickly so we need for flexibility. The 5 levels of automation present the perspective of the company’s development, from manual processes through the gradual increase of robotization, to the harmonious autonomy of all systems.



Company diagnosis

To start the transformation towards Industry 4.0, it is first necessary to make a diagnosis of the company in terms of process advancement and digital maturity. You can also create the entire Roadmap to Industry 4.0, i.e. the entire strategy of the company’s development towards the implementation of an appropriate business model and new technologies.

5 levels of automation

  1. Manual production

Manual production is characterized by companies in which the machine of automation. The processes take place without integration, the data is collected in paper form and then entered into a spreadsheet.

Actions are based on strict procedures, manual actions.

  1. The beginnings of automation

Machines appear, simple conveyors, but they are unitary. Implementation of new devices is difficult because it requires greater qualifications from operators and new procedures. The data is still collected in paper form.  This level is often characterized by randomness – purchases of new machines are not dictated by the development strategy.

  1. Process development

More machines mean more advanced procedures, faster product manufacturing and greater repeatability. Automated value chains are emerging. At this stage, the company should already have a whole development and transformation strategy in place to avoid unnecessary or unsuccessful investments.

  1. Advanced automation

Processes and machines are arranged in specific cycles, are measurable, standardized and repeatable. The data is collected digitally and processed in such a way as to improve production. Employees mainly deal with processes that are difficult to automate, but their main task is to supervise the work of machines.

  1. Full integration of machines, processes and people

Full integration of  machines, processes and people is Industry 4.0. Machines and robots as well as automated production lines cover almost 100% of processes. The integration also includes production data collected in BigData and processed in the cloud. Scalability of production is possible at the highest level of quality.  Humans continue to control machines and processes and create new quality in value chains.


Other determinants of modern automation

The history of automation is over 100 years old. Since then, business models, technologies and supply chains have changed. What are the determinants of modern automation?

– Closed circulation of raw materials (water, energy, etc.)

– Energy efficiency

– Intelligent production

– Digitization of production, administrative and office processes

– Cybersecurity

– Leadership, project management and development strategy

– Employee education

If you want to contact us, write to us!