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Archiwum dla miesiąca: February 2020

Robotized assembly line for satellite TV tuners

Robotized assembly line for D – profiler frames or die cast housings with PCBs with use of an automatic screwdriver and solder elements in place with use of Alnea’s Zeus Soldering Set and Horus Vision System 3d Positioning For Robot .
Elements’ transport inside and between line’s stations, screwing and soldering processes are executed by three 6 – axis robots. Line is equipped with Balluff safety systems and a safety cages, preventing interference of outside conditions or a third party.

Suited for client

The line is equipped with two types of dedicated box magazines. Both types have adjustable width and depth to accommodate various components.
Robot picks die cast from the box magazine and moves it under thermal paste dispenser to put the paste on the designated spots.

Three robots – complex assemblye

VEKL0005 line consists of two stations:
1) storage and preparation of components equipped with robot KUKA KR6 R900-2
2) screwing (KUKA KR6 R700-2) and soldering station (KUKA KR3 R540)
Die cast housing or D-profiler frame assembled with PCB in station 1 is placed on one of two fixtures integrated with linear drives by Station’s 2 manipulation robot. Elements are held in place by a set of pneumatic actuators during screwing process.
Die cast is moved into screwing position where PCB is screwed to the Die cast housing with an automatic screwdriver integrated with 6 – axis robot. The robot picks screws from an automatic feeder.


Collaboration of robots

After screwing process is finished, elements are moved into soldering position where connectors’ pins are soldered to the PCB. Soldering process is executed by station’s second 6-axis robot integrated with Zeus soldering equipment.
Zeus’ controller through which the soldering process can be adjusted is located in a cabinet on the front side of station’s A safety cage.

Alea Vision System - Eye for the robot

Finished product is removed from the fixture and placed in a box magazine on the storage rack in station 2 by the manipulation robot.
Components are handled by a robot equipped with a set of Festo grippers and Horus vision system.
Station’s robot scans the rack with Horus vision system to verify proper placement of box magazines and components inside them.

What does operator?

Operator’s task is to monitor the process with use of the HMI panel, refill screws through dedicated chute and place box magazines with components in proper spots on storage rack, monitor handling of components by the robot and remove box magazines with finished and NOK products.

What we can do for you?

What we can do for you? We can design and build production or assembly line. Alnea products guarantee innovative solutions and high precision of manufacturing with use of highest quality, repeatedly tested materials.

We will prepare for you an automatic, semi-automatic, robotic production line. Ask us about Horus Vision System!
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Summary of 2019 in Alnea

The time has come to sum up 2019, which was extremely dynamic in Alnea. Prestigious awards, distinctions, participation in conferences, fairs, social, training and technology projects. Another projects received by customers!

Prizes and awards

We have been awarded the prestigious distinction – Vector 2018. The efforts of the Alnea Group have been recognized for introducing into our life technologies that we could only recently see in science-fiction movies. The statuette came to us because we harnessed virtual reality to design, implement and supervise advanced automatic production lines.

President Alnea Krzysztof Kamiński sat on the jury of the Factory of the Year 2018 Competition and presented the distinction and award in the “Electronics and electrical engineering” category for BSH Akcesoria Gospodarstwa Domowego Sp. z o.o. The Factory of the Year competition is a unique event. Every year, outstanding entrepreneurs are awarded and other business leaders express their recognition.

We were awarded the “Best of the Best” Laurel for 2018 in the category of innovation and development, as well as the distinction from the Head of the Stawiguda Commune for the good promotion of local production.

We have won a silver medal in the number of integrated KUKA robots! KUKA Polska has repeatedly rewarded our efforts – including in 2015 for our Zeus soldering package. We are so proud of it!

Exhibitions and Fairs

We participated in fairs, conferences – including Hannover Messe, Automaticon, Warsaw Industry Week, Baltic Robotic Games and Omron Innovation Lab. We have become an authorized distributor of OMRON mobile robots.

Social responsibility

We have started the Alnea internship program, thanks to which we can support the education of a new generation of robotics, automation and programmers. In addition, we continued our mission of the Laboratory Program, which supports young people in deliberately shaping their professional careers through study visits to thriving companies. We supported a regionally important publication, becoming the main sponsor of August Klemens Popławski’s book “People of yesterday”.

II Edition of Conference Automation and Robotics in Industry AiR

We organized the 2nd Edition of the “Industry Automation and Robotization” Conference. We gathered representatives of the most important automation and robotics suppliers in the world! We had the pleasure to host almost 150 industry representatives from all over Poland: CEOs, directors, business owners as well as engineers, robotics and automation specialists. Thanks to the cooperation with the WM Group, the whole event was broadcast on-line. Recordings of lectures and debates have been recorded and will be available on the website and on YouTube.

On June 12, 2019, Alnea and the WM Group organized an open day “Say Hello to the Robot”. Anyone willing could come to the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park and watch robot demonstrations prepared by key industrial companies for free – KUKA, Mitsubishi Electric, Fanuc, Omron, Balluff, Universal Robots, OnRobot, CoRobotics, Schunk, Troax. And also: Aplitt, Fronius, Technology Applied, PKO S.A, Olsztyński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny czy Warmińsko-Mazurska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna.

Workshops Industry 4.0

At the turn of November and December 2019, we trained over 50 managers from Polish enterprises as part of the ‘Industry of the Future’ project – a cross-sectional, inspirational and practical workshop for company managers.

The event took place all of Poland! Free training sessions were held in the largest cities to help them enter Industry 4.0 faster. Alnea decided to participate in such an important project because Poland needs to adapt its enterprises to modern requirements and prepare to compete on international markets. Thanks to specialist knowledge, another technological leap will be possible for domestic production companies.

New applications

We have entrusted our clients with further projects – assembly stations, robots, production lines and many more! We have high expectations, but we are driven by real challenges that require us to be creative, inventive and constantly improve.

We will prepare for you an automatic, semi-automatic, robotic production line. Ask us about Horus Vision System!


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