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Archiwum dla miesiąca: October 2021

The 4th Conference Automation and Robotics of Industry

The 4th Conference Automation and Robotization of Industry is the largest event of this type in North-Eastern Poland. Targeted at manufacturing companies and integrators, it offers a high substantive level of knowledge about implementing innovations in factories. Automation and robotization are an important direction of changes that are so important for regional companies that want to remain competitive on the Polish and global market.


Our Mission

We want to bring the knowledge of A&R closer to the entrepreneurs of our region and neighboring voivodeships so that more and more companies gain knowledge on how to adapt their production to the requirements of the modern market. We focus on the practical aspects of development towards automation and digitization as well as specific, already implemented technological solutions.

Main topics

Managing competences in Industry 4.0. Janusz Jakiela KUKA

Monitoring the condition of machines, Daniel Oszczeda Balluff

Feeding systems in the production process – flex feeding. Mateusz Gierczak, GM Automatyka

Internationalisation of companiec. Sebastian Rynkiewicz, Metalprocessing Cluster

This year we propose two conference days. October 13 will be an open day for children, parents, automation and robotics enthusiasts and hobbyists. October 14 will be a day of lectures and screenings that will be streamed live by Gazeta Olsztynska on Social Media. All materials will be later available on the website in the knowledge base and on YouTube.


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