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HORUS - Robotized vision system package


Alnea creates advanced vision systems that perfectly complement the production lines technologically. Vision system, in other words – industrial vision or industrial vision system is a set of electronic devices cooperating in order to obtain an analysis of the workspace.
In contrast human to machines, they do not see or feel, although modern vision systems are designed in the way of human eyesight. This advanced image analysis supports, for example, packaging machines.

A good vision system - only at Alnea!

At Alnea, you can order a vision system of the highest quality. If you already have enough of a complicated system of many sensors and cameras, our patented Horus system is the perfect solution.

A small scanning head placed on the robot replaces sensors, camera installations, fixtures. Our innovative 6-axis robot positioning system has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use with the machine and the human.

How does the vision system works?

The vision system works by reading data such as the coordinates of the robot and performs positioning in space. Horus scans the work area and marks the matching points. The 3D model can be downloaded from large libraries such as STEP, PARASOLID, STL. The robot with the head will automatically search for the essential part and precisely pick it up and place it in the right place.

Horus vision system:

– scanning head
– 3D scanning algorithms
– 3D positioning algorithms
– touch screen, HMI
– algorithms for converting off-tests of processes such as: torsion, soldering, welding, gluing and assembly.

Easy to use and user friendly

The vision system designed in Alnea is easy to use and user-friendly. The service of our system does not require specially trained staff and engineer.

The production line operator selects the 3D model, selects the process and starts production. Robot with Horus tool works finely as a control of the production process.




ALNEA is known for automation and robotization processes, vision control systems or complex semiautomatic stations and testers. However, it turned out that demand of the market grows constantly, that’s why the company creates even more complicated and developed projects of production lines on request. Completely new feature are virtual reality visualizations – customer can watch his own production line in virtual space, take place near specified work station and verify if the suggested solutions are optimal.

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