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Industry 4.0

Consulting and specialized training

The world is changing at an amazing pace. Subsequent inventions marked industrial revolutions unleashing new production potential. The Internet was a real driving force, which allowed unlimited data and knowledge transfer between even geographically (and ideologically) distant people.

Every station designed and manufactured by Alnea can gather and process production data which undergo an analysis. Based on gathered data device user (engineer, manager, master, supervisor) can receive current information about:
• effectiveness
• efficiency
• productivity

and make the right decisions regarding production and maintenance.

Alnea implements solutions tailored to your needs!

The collected technologies allow us to acquire knowledge, and the implemented applications are even more experience. Industry 4.0 demonstrator is one example of how to implement different technologies.

We also organize trainings for directors, managers, managers and engineers – you can read about trainings HERE.

If you would like to learn about the latest technologies or are wondering if it is worth implementing them in your company – write to us!




ALNEA is known for automation and robotization processes, vision control systems or complex semiautomatic stations and testers. However, it turned out that demand of the market grows constantly, that’s why the company creates even more complicated and developed projects of production lines on request. Completely new feature are virtual reality visualizations – customer can watch his own production line in virtual space, take place near specified work station and verify if the suggested solutions are optimal.

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