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Semi-automatic stations


Semi-automatic stations are effective and relatively inexpensive solutions for production problems. They are a combination of efficiency of poka yoke systems and elasticity of human. Purchase of such station is much cheaper than a fully robotized and automatized device, yet provides quality and effectiveness of a human.

Program written in Labview. Semiautomatic station for assembly of car seats ventilation systems fans. It consist of three assembly instruments realizing automatically each assembly operation and testing correctness of assembly (vision systems, vibration sensor, electric values measurement). Placement of components in assembly instruments is realized manually by operator while system instructs the operator which component to pick (pick by light) and controls if the right component has been picked and if it has been placed in the correct place.

We will create a concept, visualization, design and then manufacture and launch a semiautomatic station fitting the needs of your production. Thanks to that you’ll reduce costs of production, increase it’s efficiency and significantly improve quality.




ALNEA is known for automation and robotization processes, vision control systems or complex semiautomatic stations and testers. However, it turned out that demand of the market grows constantly, that’s why the company creates even more complicated and developed projects of production lines on request. Completely new feature are virtual reality visualizations – customer can watch his own production line in virtual space, take place near specified work station and verify if the suggested solutions are optimal.

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