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Production lines


Alnea is a well-known producer of production lines. Each production line is a unique and tailored to the needs of the customer. Designing production lines is the basis, but in our portfolio you will also find production machines for industry, assembly lines and control cabinets. Comprehensive construction of the production line is our specialty – even the most complex!

The production line is necessary for mass production. Some relate to entire technological processes and are sold as one whole – for example the SMT line (surface assembly technology) containing a set of pick’n place machines as well as conveyors and sintering furnaces for electronic components.

See our projects!

– wheel tracking (conveyor tracking)

– buffer storage

– soldering line

– assembly line

– production line

This line is impressive!

The Alnea team visits companies and production plants. Alnea process engineer and process technologist is usually present during your visit to your production hall. Thanks to this, we can comprehensively approach the design of a dedicated line. Depending on the requirements, we offer several models for order execution, and long-term cooperation specified in the contract is most often chosen.


Our client receives the full design of the new production line, along with a description of the processes, exact budget, calculated cycle times, performance and rate of return. The investor decides when to start construction based on the project


Complete production lines ensure the highest efficiency, high quality and excellent production planning. Production management in this case means care for the continuity of supply of intermediates. Production becomes independent of the human factor – fatigue, temporary absence of employees. The technological line, however, does not mean a lack of crew – on the contrary, but employees can focus on other activities.


Example – one employee welds a given part in 2 hours, another in 1.5 hours, and another in an hour, but with more errors. Good organization of production eliminates these factors – both the cycle (tacktime) and production quality is constant.


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ALNEA is known for automation and robotization processes, vision control systems or complex semiautomatic stations and testers. However, it turned out that demand of the market grows constantly, that’s why the company creates even more complicated and developed projects of production lines on request. Completely new feature are virtual reality visualizations – customer can watch his own production line in virtual space, take place near specified work station and verify if the suggested solutions are optimal.

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