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ALNEA / Alnea will help companies in crisis!

Alnea will help companies in crisis!

Just two months ago, today’s scenario was just as likely as a UFO landing in New York. Just two weeks ago, nobody expected the world to stand still, and people would be forced to lock themselves in homes with a supply of pasta and toilet paper.


Whether the crisis will come?

The question “Will the crisis come?” I asked dr Kevin Campbell of the University of Stirling. In December, he replied that at the moment actions taken by central banks protect us against the worst, unless a kind of trigger, appears. And it appeared …

The economy is slowing down.

The economy has been slowing down for about a year – the number of automotive orders has dropped. However, this time the virus will provide us with additional impressions on the occasion of difficulties in the HoReCa, transport, tourist, service, automotive, electronics industries, basically almost everyone. Even agriculture will suffer – Germany is calling that there is nobody to collect spring gold – asparagus.

How can we help you?

At Alnea, we know how hard it will be for european companies in the near future. We plan to prepare online training courses in management and new technologies as well as implementation of innovations soon. If you would like to refresh the offer you received from us, or if you would like to consider urgent investments again – write to us.


Mobile robots are recommended for the future!

Do you have a production company? Would you prefer employees not to move too much between departments? Mobile robots are recommended for the future! You can rent a robot for several months – a robot without a body (which you can do yourself) will cost you a little more than the leasing installment. You can sign a lease agreement with us and then buy the robot. This is a great opportunity and opportunity for manufacturing companies!

The crisis is time to change, rethink processes, supplies, opportunities and free resources. Invite us to cooperate. We have extensive experience in consulting, applications and profitability analyzes.

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