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ALNEA / Alnea and Industry 4.0

Alnea and Industry 4.0

Since 2010, we have been creating a new reality by promoting Industry 4.0 in our region, in Poland, in Europe. We work with local companies, we implement production lines in Silesia and the Czech Republic. We have business partners in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. We started timidly, but we did quite well. We went through a few crises, a pandemic wiser for some experiences. We decided to summarize the first decade of Alnea.

Production 4.0

Modern production 4.0 is machines, robots and innovations. We have designed really large production lines, we managed to implement EOL testers, assembly lines and 3 unique customized production machines. We have 57 industrial robots, including cobots and AGV mobile robots.


Planing 4.0

Automation and robotization cannot exist without a good plan. Planning 4.0 is our domain. We have created 16 advanced visualizations of factories, machines and processes that can be viewed on Google VR. Thanks to this, we avoid costly errors during implementation, and the customer can see the entire concept in 3D instead of 2D.

Conference 4.0

Workshops 4.0 and conference 4.0 is also our domain. At the end of 2019, we got involved in the project proposed by the Platform of Future Industry. We trained over 60 top managers from all over Poland – we were visited by representatives of local companies, great plants on the food market, from the furniture and automotive industries.

Our knowledge of Automation and Robotization of the AiR Industry is another dimension of cooperation with local companies. We invite managers and directors of production companies to meet the best specialists in Industry 4.0. The third edition of AiR is coming soon!

Industrial automation

If you are wondering whether industrial automation is a good solution for your company, please visit Alnea. We share knowledge, advise, test – we are here for you …

If you would like to receive an offer for industrial robots, cobots, mobile robots
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