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ALNEA / Workshops in Industry 4.0

Workshops in Industry 4.0

Industry of the Future – a cross-sectional, inspirational and practical workshop for company managers is an event that has spread all over Poland! Free training sessions were held in the largest cities to help them enter Industry 4.0 faster. Alnea decided to participate in such an important project, because Poland needs to adapt its enterprises to modern requirements and prepare to compete on international markets. Thanks to specialist knowledge, another technological leap will be possible for domestic production companies.

Thanks to the financing of the training by the Industry of the Future Platform, Alnea conducted three trainings on the latest technologies in our province. All lectures were reflected in machines and devices whose operation we could demonstrate.

We had the pleasure to host over 50 representatives of the managerial and management staff from Polish manufacturing companies.

While building the workshop program, we focused mainly on our experience in the integration of systems, machines and robots as well as demonstration of the latest technologies. Participants were able to learn about Kuka, Fanuc, Mitsubishi industrial robots, Hanwha cobot and Omron mobile robots. One of the most dynamic companies specializing in 3D printing – Zortrax has presented us with huge possibilities of incremental production methods. Sensors and RFID systems were presented courtesy of Balluff and Pepperl + Fuchs, which provided demonstration stands. The Working Time Recorder (RCP) with the option of using an RFID card / key ring, fingerprint and the possibility of taking photos by BIOFINGER enjoyed great interest.

We have absolutely reliable partners of the Conference Automation and Robotization [AiR] who are happy to support us in subsequent projects. Thank you all very much.

We have been using the possibilities of Virtual Reality for a long time. When designing assembly stations and production lines, we give the opportunity to see ready implementation in cyberspace long before the project is materialized. That is why the participants of the entire factory were so impressed with the VR production process. This is an extremely important element of modern production planning and the concept of end-to-end-engineering. We also talked a bit about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Workshops are not just shows and lectures. It’s a great place to discuss topics related to technology implementation. Joint dinners combined with the Thought Exchange Forum allowed us to get to know our guests better, their automation needs, and to start networking. We already have the first information that the training participants are finding fields for future business cooperation.

We want to thank the participants for a great contribution to the training, for sharing their thoughts. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and the Platform of the Future Industry announces the next round of courses next year. Stay tuned to our site to be up to date!

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