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ALNEA / To help children

To help children

We are happy to wait for spring, but many children are just waiting for recovery. The staggering price of drugs means that they can only be purchased thanks to the generosity of many people. For several years we have been joining the auction campaign for children – this time for Lila from Biskupiec and Eryk from Radziłów. We are assisted in this by the partners of the Automation and Robotization of Industry Conference.


We encourage you to take part in the auctions because we received really cool things.


– Polish men’s volleyball championship team t-shirt, gloves of Andrzej Wawrzyk – heavyweight boxer – Pepperl+Fuchs


– Power banks, pendrives, 3D smartphone occluaries, cups, chimneys – Balluff


– Puzzles, key chains, pens and lots of other gadgets – Schmalz, Fanuc, Alnea


Special thanks for the big heart for


Tomasz Michalski

Marek Lozowski

Jacek Grabowski

Łukasz Szczepkowski

Damian Rybczynski

Mateusz Amrozinski


As a family company, Alnea has already supported various social or sports initiatives – including OKSJ Nippon Judo Olsztyna, GKS Stawiguda football team, OSP Stawiguda and local events.

Also during the AiR Conference, we present awards to the most talented students of technical schools.


“As a business representative, I feel responsible for my small homeland. As a father, I want to support other parents in the fight for the health of their children – I consider it my duty” Krzysztof Kamiński


Alnea’s activities have already been awarded many times – Vector 2018, Laurel the Best of the Best 2019, Way tor Success 2020. Our activities for the benefit of the region, supporting entrepreneurship, development of technical education and implementation of new technologies are appreciated, although for us more than the award counts the effect, i.e. the development of our region in which we live.

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