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ALNEA / Success of the 3rd Edition of the Laboratory Program

Success of the 3rd Edition of the Laboratory Program

The third edition of the Laboratory Program was completed successfully. The local initiative of Krzysztof Kamiński, the President of Alnea, is developing more and more and concerns schools and companies not only our Warmia-Mazury voivodeship, but also from the Podlasie region. The Alnea team is happy that so many schools and enterprises have joined this extremely important undertaking. Thousands of students met with entrepreneurs who showed young people the realities of work in modern companies. Thanks to this, very young people can get some informations about different jobs and after that find a perfect work.

Alnea invests in youth

The aim of the program is to educate young people and to motivate them to undertake such courses of study that will be desirable in the future. On the other hand, schools and teachers can change the way of teaching to prepare future staff for the demanding economy Industry 4.0. As co-organizers of the Laboratory Program, we had the pleasure of hosting students of primary schools, middle schools and technicians several times in our production hall in Stawiguda near Olsztyn. Young people could touch the automation and robotics thanks to the meetings with our highly qualified staff.

We are convinced that together with other companies we are able to offset some arrears of the Polish education system in educating specialists, technicians, machine operators, automation and robotics. We believe that early familiarization of young people with the new technologies is the best method for expanding future staff and increasing the innovation of our voivodeship and region. We clearly see the need to continue the operation of the Laboratory Program, and companies that would like to implement the Social Responsibility of Business – like Alnea are welcome to contact with us.

As Krzysztof Kamiński, CEO of the Alnea Group says: “It is important that the idea for the Laboratory project has been so well received and is well developed. We attract schools with a unique proposition that can have a real impact on students’ decisions about the directions of their careers. Many companies want to cooperate and implement the mission of Social Responsibility of Bussiness. Together, we care for the development of young people, but also create future staff – professional, prepared, focused on the development and promotion of Poland in the world”.

Corporate social responsibility

For a long time, ALNEA investins substantial resources in the educational mission – it organized a nationwide specialist conference “Automation and robotization of industry”, which is a cyclical event bringing the subject of automation of production processes closer to small companies. The company exhibits at home fairs, conferences, seminars and thematic lectures. Has its own know-how, which interests in Western European markets. In turn, the last China International Import Expo 2018 fair in Shanghai showed a huge interest in Zeus Soldering System and Horus Vision Systems patented by Alnea.

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