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ALNEA / Production lines – design and modernization

Production lines – design and modernization

Market requirements are increasing, production needs to be better planned, energy efficient and scalable. Alnea  also has the design and modernization of production lines in portfolio.   A well-planned, well-planned and successful on-site implementation can be the beginning of a longer cooperation, and whose roles of the client and contractor cease to be the basic determinant of the relationship. Cooperation on some projects is rather a partnership based on trust. No one wants to invest in expensive machines without a guarantee of success. The proven integrator is not only a production line supplier, it is also an advisor, tester and technological support.


Manual workstations

In a company producing lighting elements such as lamps and fluorescent lamps, we have implemented an assembly line. Manual workstations connected by a conveyor were adapted to different products – from quite small to large ones. We also designed a second twin line, but with a robotic position – to compare different process characteristics.

The collection and analysis of valuable data is a feature of Industry 4.0. We don’t always have to buy the most expensive technologies – sometimes a well-thought-out data collection system is enough – as in Factory 4.0 or tailored to kanban production. Our engineers will help you choose the right solution using your experience.


Production line design

We have also been asked to  analyse product manufacturing in  depth – including component  deliveries. The recommendations allowed the board to decide on design changes. It would be unprofitable to build completely new assumptions, so we started looking for savings in the automation of individual production processes or the way components are supplyed. The changes were  not  critical – they mainly consisted in redesigning themold for casting, and contributed to a lot of  savings.


Modernization of the production line

Today, many companies invest in automation and robotics or are looking for solutions in the field of Industry 4.0. You don’t have to buy new machines. Alnea  proposes a simple solution, which is the modernization of the production line. We will come to you, take measurements, analyze the process and product, and then offer you several different modernization options. Contact us – we will choose the right model of cooperation for your needs.

Industrial automation

If you are wondering whether industrial automation is a good solution for your company, please visit Alnea. We share knowledge, advise, test – we are here for you …

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