About us

ALNEA is on the market since 1984. At first, as ALNA dealt with corrosion protection services and road services.

Since 2010, as ALNEA we operate in the market of dedicated solutions for industry. Our specialization is designing and manufacture of machinery and equipment for specific customer needs.


During our activity we have delivered equipment for electrical, pneumatic and mechanical tests, robotic stations and production lines, automatic and semiautomatic assembly stations. Selevtive soldering process is one of the best known by Alnea processes and we specialize in this. In result we made an patent application and the controller lutujący ZEUS-100. We also have competence in SCADA systems and programming in LabView environment. We are a certified partner of KUKA and National Instruments companies.

ALNEA is the official partner of KUKA system.

ALNEA is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group.