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ALNEA / Zeus – 100 Soldering Set

Zeus – 100 Soldering Set

Zeus – 100 Soldering Set. Our concept, our invention… Controller for special assignments, excellent feeder and ergonomic soldering head – can be ordered form us.

Our guest was Jędrzej Kowalczyk, CEO of FANUC Polska

We had the pleasure to listen to the lecture: “First steps before beginning an investment – the concept, budgeting, time plan, choosing the technology”.

You were not there – regret it! But we have an on-line report for you!

During the presentation we saw several examples of successful implementations of KUKA robots. We were introduced to various classes of robots, which are the main point of implemented applications. Presented applications brought the customers measurable benefits, helping to save time, increase repeatability and eliminate/relieve possible station operators.

Part II of the presentation

See more here! Go to Alnea’s official Youtube channel to watch full conference stream.

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