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ALNEA / Robotized screwing station

Robotized screwing station

Robotiized screwing station  for  different types of trays with properly set screwing parameters. The screwdriver is placed on the arm of the Mitsubishi 4-axis SCARA robot. The use of this type of robot allows to quickly and precisely move the tool. The screws are automatically taken from the vibrating feeder and transferred by pressure to the Weber automatic screwdriver.


Automated screwing

The screw-in parameters are set from the HMI level. The correctness of the process is monitored based on the reached torque and the depth of screwing. The possibility of replacing the fixtures allows screws to be screwed into different types of components. The actuators move the fixtures to the robot’s operating zone. By adding two independent zones, the station operates without downtime to arm fixtures with components by the operator. The operator’s working zone is protected against moving parts through a light barrier.



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