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ALNEA / Research and development

Research and development

The development of new technologies is the foundation for the creation of more effective and advanced products or services. Implementation of innovations in everyday life – Smart City, medicine or  industry are strategic changes that shape modern society and affect the economy. Research and development is currently one of the most dynamically growing areas.


The Silent Revolution

Economic and social changes are usually associated with unrest and rebellion against technology. The silent revolution or digitization is playing out before our eyes. Waste management systems, light management centers, digital administration, e-prescriptions are just some of the unnoticed facilities that we use thanks to innovations, i.e. products and services created by research and development departments.

Research & Development

When Krzysztof Kamiński, the CEO of Alnea, received the Vector for 2018, the Jury justified the choice asfollows: “The efforts of the Alnea Group have been appreciated for introducing technologies into our lives, which recently we could only see on science-fiction films. For harnessing virtual reality to design, implement and supervise advanced automated production lines. ”

You would think that the whole of Alnea is a department of research and development.


Alnea started by creating production lines and assembly stations for the automotiveindustry. However, the more machines were created, the more  one key element was missing – a device that would provide vision for our robots. The B&R department was created to create such an eye for a robot. As a result,  we ran the project  “Automatic system of optical positioning in the space of anthropomorphic industrial robots” as operating within a fund  1.1.1.for which we received funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).


How to create a research and development department

The answer to the question “how to create a research and development department” is not at all obvious. First of all, the most important thing is the goal – that is, what we want to achieve. Whether we want to change an existing product, create a new one or create a center for solving technological problems – the goal determines the direction, but the important, and actually the most important, is the foundation, i.e. people with specific competences. Technologies will grow like walls on this foundation, and they will be connected by a goal defined at the beginning. This is how a permanent “building” is created, i.e. the integration of human and technological resources.

Project management

Creating new technologies and implementing innovations is like managing a project whose goal is defined, but it is not always known whether it is achievable. Teams often face a variety of challenges that are not always easy to identify – such as the current lack of semiconductors on the market. That’s why our R&D team is so diverse – to deal with adversity in the most creative way.

B&R team at Alnea

Research and development is an area where automation and robotics integrators are really good, although it’s not so obvious. And yet designers, automation, robotics create prototypes, test possibilities, look for solutions.

B&R team at Alnea

– Krzysztof Kamiński – CEO and visionary

– Marcin Kamiński – CTO and inventor

– Michał Brejnak – PM, unofficial Scrum  Master  😊

– Sebastian Górski – Master of automation

– Emilia Rybaczyk  – Mother of robots

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