ALNEA / Production line – buffer magazine

Production line – buffer magazine

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The line has been prepared as buffer magazine after potting process. Line constructed by our company consists of 4 parts.
Station A is the station that begins production process. Within this station operator thanks to support of MES system receives permit to begin production depending on produced model. Station is the element that leads component to filling with resin in potting station.

After the end of potting process, the element reaches station B, which receives the elements and separates them, according to prepared logic, between 6 buffer conveyors (the line has been prepared to be expanded by additional 2 conveyors). Each of the conveyors is capable of storing up to 20 elements – station C. After finished resin drying process, the logic transports element to station D, where exposing the element for pickup by operator takes place.
Process has been based on components by OMRON.


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