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ALNEA / We are making new semi automatic production line

We are making new semi automatic production line

The pandemic could not have been foreseen. It is also difficult to protect yourself against such chaos. However, we continue our work. We keep the rules of safe distance between employees. Smell of decontamination gel is everywhere, but we will not give in to the virus.

Frozen projects.

We continue our projects, although in some cases we hear “Thank you for the offer, but it’s already a frozen project.” It is hardly surprising because the hard days are coming. But we are fighting for our jobs, for the local market and our economy. High-flying maybe, but it’s true that at the present time everyone will lose. Prosperity was already there, now you have to work harder, not to earn more, but to keep what we have. At least lose as little as possible.

Changes are coming

Quarantine, limitations, closed boundaries – all this means changes are coming. It is not known how long it will last. Fortunately, however, there are companies that know that automation is important after all. This time can be used for … changes. Analysis of processes, delivery system, products. One of our customers just ordered a copy of a semi-automatic line. About the similar line, read HERE.

Assembly line.

A new assembly line is already being built in our hall. We rarely make copies of our applications. Nevertheless, we like such tasks and there is always room for improvement, addition and improvement.

Welded profiles returned from the paint shop. Electrical cabinet is waiting for sewing. Our court master electrician has completed the gadgets and will begin to work intricately tomorrow. The line must be equipped with a conveyor, drives, motor and covers. Elevators for passage and return of pallets for stands for mounting lamps will be installed on both ends. And of course, safeguards, which are not important in production, are the most important from the employee’s perspective.

Automation is our passion.

This production line design is extremely successful. In the end automation is our passion! Simple to operate, easy to use, optimal in terms of costs. Our line can be easily maintained and inspected. We use standard solutions, so spare parts are easily available.


And so the line will look similar after assembly.

Are you wondering if automation now makes sense? You have frozen the project because you don't know if it will be profitable? Write or call us. We help you!

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