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ALNEA / Mashine refurbishment

Mashine refurbishment

Restrictions and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused global changes in global markets such as the collapse of supply chains, container transport problems and  geopolitical unstable situations. Many large corporations are starting to move production to Europe. At the same time, companies want to automate because this is the only way to stabilize and develop.

We create new solutions

We are currently receiving a lot of  inquiries regarding the machines refurbishment. The construction of new machines and the modernization of machines fit perfectly into Alnea‘s portfolio. We have a design department where we make prototypes and create new solutions. We combine electrics, pneumatics and components in a new quality, perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs.


Basic activities in the modernization of machines

Each device is different even if we have several different copies – each may have a different way of using components. Basic activities in the modernization of machines:

  • Repair/modification of systems, subassemblies, parts
  • Diagnosis of control systems
  • Mechanical diagnosis
  • Drive replacement
  • Transport conveyors
  • Repair of electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Improving machine productivity

Additional elements

Imported machines are often not the latest, and it is worth stocking them with additional elements that will improve functionality. Such an element can be an HMI panel, which will allow for greater availability of process data and easier machine control.


Machine safety

Any interference with the design of the machine must involve the issue of a safety certificate, i.e. a CE. At Alnea, we are modernizing machines  so thatthey do not pose a threat to operators orproducts. We take  care of high quality and equip the stations with safety curtains  or mashine guarding.

Mashine relocation

If your company needs new equipment or has relocated machines, please contact us. We modernize old machines, repair and issue a safety certificate.

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