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ALNEA / Hannover Messe – fair of the future

Hannover Messe – fair of the future

Hannover Messe is a fair of the future, perhaps not about metaverse or dystopian visions of the world. Thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of lectures, meetings and presentations aim to indicate trends in the industry and industry of the future. One event, four days is a huge dose of knowledge about how we will produce, what we will create, how to protect our world and influence society. At the Fair, you can see new technological solutions, follow the evolution of trends and create plans for the future.


Alnea at the Hannover Messe


Alnea has exhibited at the Hannover Messe many times. In 2018, Poland was the leading country, and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself took part in our position. In 2019, we used the PAIH hospitality and we were present at the national stand, right next to Sweden, which perfectly honored the host. We were extremely proud to be able to stand under the white and red flag.


Inspiration 4.0


We have industry 4.0, we have factories 4.0, maybe we will add the Inspiration 4.0 option? There is no single recipe for the industry of the future, but you can get inspired by various solutions and adapt them to the needs of your own company. The goals of sustainable development are development on many levels, and thanks to it, we can achieve more in optimal conditions.


Innovation in Alnea


At our stand at the Hannover Messe, we present products that are the result of our many years of experience in system integration. Robotic soldering and robot eye are patented solutions for production and process improvement. We invite you to our stand for talks on automation and robotization.

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