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ALNEA / Defrosting automation

Defrosting automation

The bad news is that the virus is still a real threat and will rather stay with us for longer. European Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson strongly criticized the closing of borders and the diversity of restrictions during a pandemic of individual EU Member States. It is a pity that the Union has delayed taking such action for so long after the first cases of SARS-Cov-2.

It is likely that the second wave of illnesses planned for autumn will not change much in the EU approach to the issue of safety of the inhabitants of the Old Continent. Therefore, it is worth rethinking the current situation and prepare for any problems that may arise in a few months.


Taking projects from the fridge

From the good news – companies are slowly defrosting projects, visits and business meetings. Of course, with safety protocoles, but the topics related to automation are back. Offers for re-analysis are removed from the freezers. We also go to clients and plan to test mobile robots in galleries and hospitals.

Lockdown has firmly verified many ventures and businesses. The situation on the labor market, logistics or in currencies has changed radically. One thing is certain – the crisis is time for change. If you are wondering what you can do better or differently in your company – just write to us. In a wide range of consulting services we will definitely find something tailored to the needs of your company.

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