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ALNEA / Conveyor system

Conveyor system

Conveyor belt design

Efficient transport of materials over short distances would not have been possible without the transport conveyor. It is a reliable system of movement of goods and products in production companies.  A transport conveyor is a device used to transport various materials. It is usually equipped with sliding tape or driven rollers that allow crates, packages, trolleys with semi-finished products, etc.


A conveyor belt usually connects specific stations or production bases. It is not a ready-made device – it is usually   built from components, and the nature of the application determines its functionality and construction. The design of the conveyor belt consists  of such elements as:

– legs,

– frame,

– drive unit,

– rollers or sliding tape,


Construction of a transport conveyor

Many companies choose to commission a project from well-known companies such as Flexlink   and Haberkorn. The construction of a transport conveyor from such components is not complicated.  At Alnea we made own conveyors and lines for automotive. RFID pallets have been designed to increase control over the production process.

Flexlink conveyor

Haberkorn buffer conveyor system

The buffer after the potting  process consisted of six transmission lanes and an elevator. Each element required a 24-hour dry, so the transport and placement of the various resin-induceed forms mattered. The buffer storage is designed to be expandable in the future.



Depending on what will be transported with a conveyor, we can distinguish transport belts for bulk or fine materials. Sometimes, however, specially designed transport trolleys or pallets are the essence of optimal operation of the entire conveyor belt.


Sensors on transport conveyor

If we want to have perfect control over the transfer of products or the production process, it is worth investing in sensors on transport conveyors. An example is an application in which trays marked with RFID technology circulate on a conveyor with multiple branches. Traffic control is based on advanced algorithmics of lifts and stoppers that direct the pallets with products to designated places.


Conveyor on mobile robot

Sometimes multiple conveyors cannot be connected. This is where mobile robots come can help. They can be equipped with a upper adapted to the height of the conveyor, and a small conveyor based on rollers or tape can be built in.

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At Alnea we know how to design conveyor belts and conveyor belts tailored to the customer’s needs. We have many years of experience in creating production lines. If you need a conveyor belt or conveyor belt – contact us!


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