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ALNEA / Automation and Robotization of Industry – see online report of the conference

Automation and Robotization of Industry – see online report of the conference

More and more companies are interested in automation!

We didn’t expect that even the first edition of the conference would be met with such great interest. Besides a hall full of guests, we gathered a lot of viewers in front of TV’s, computers and smartphones. Live stream and videos have been watched by more than 20 000 people, which we consider a big success
Complete range of the conference in social media is over 80 000 recipients.
We received a lot of information that subjects touched during the seminar were helpful and displays of robots and devices unusually attractive.

Meet with Alnea!

We received many calls and emails from people and companies that because of many reasons couldn’t come to the conference, if they can come to Alnea and “touch” the automation. Of course they can! We encourage to send us an email to and subscribe to wait list for visit in our company. During meetings we prepare displays of our activities, discuss about Your goals and manufacturing challenges and help in starting processes of automation and robotization in Your companies.

You were not there – regret it! But we have an on-line report for you!

The I st Conference “Robotization and automation of industry” ended with complete success. Unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate more applicants, but thanks to cooperation with the WM Group, whole event was not only transmitted on-line, but we also recorded the lectures, seminars and the debate. All the video material can be watched on the official youtube channel of Alnea!

Watch the lectures from the first part of the conference

Krzysztof Kamiński, CEO of Alnea Group
“Examples of utilization of robots in various branches of industry – from small to big implementations.”

Wojciech Łaś, Product Leader – Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Robots
“Is it worth to invest in robotization? Why ROI is not everything.”

Jędrzej Kowalczyk, CEO of FANUC Polska Sp. z o.o.
“First steps before beginning an investment – concept, budgeting, time plan, choosing the technology.”

Second part of the lecture.

Grzegorz Smoliński, President of the Warmia – Masuria Special Economic Zone
“The law on support of new investments as a chance for development of the economy.”

Second part of the lecture.

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