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ALNEA / Automatica Munich

Automatica Munich

The world is changing at a dizzying pace. The last hundred years, from the Henry Ford first production line to the present day, have been an unimaginable leap in the idea of ​​managing and producing goods. The constant expansion of the market, evolution, dying and the emergence of new products and services forces us to improve the tools and improve production. Automatica Munich is a kind of litmus test of the development of companies towards automation.


Better production


Robotics solutions reigned supreme at the trade fair in Munich. Applications for machine tending, robotic painting, welding, soldering, vision inspection are just some of the robotic packages presented by the exhibitors. Nevertheless, cobots and their accessories – quickchangers and grippers – took the place. Of course, there were also mobile robots that support logistics, but can also be an integral part of collaborating robots.

And like automation


Alnea starts with “A”, “A” Like automation, that is Automatica. We have always appreciated these fairs because they particularly touch upon problems related to modern production and technologies supporting companies in the field of new production lines, machines and robotic stations. We offer our partners comprehensive support in the field of process robotization.


Support levels


Cooperation with Alnea can take place on different principles, which include different levels of support. We encourage our clients to design activities – we create a concept in VR, and then we can implement it with the certainty that the assumptions are feasible. More and more companies are also asking about the possibility of modernizing machines and improving safety, so we also operate in this field. We invite you to our position – we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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