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ALNEA / Automated line

Automated line

Automated line consisting of 2 cooperating stations.

Station 1 is responsible for dispensing frames on conveyor belt (logic prepared for 4 types of frames), transport to 2 – axis manipulator (Pick & Place), constructed with FESTO components. Stop point below the Pick & Place is the most important spot of the station. In that location takes place pickup of connectors, which are delivered by WIBRAMET vibration feeder and placement of single connectors in dedicated holes in the frames. In the next step, on positioned connector, a nut is screwed on (from the bottom side of the frame). The nuts are delivered by WEBER vibration feeder and screwed on connectors with a integrated WEBER screwdriver. After fastening of necessary number of connectors (2-5, depending on type of frame), the product is transported further to station 2.

Station 2 is responsible for soldering process. The process is specific in way that the product before the start of soldering process has to be heated to temperature above 100 degrees Celsius. Whole soldering process is executed by ZEUS soldering packet (want to know more about our product – click the LINK) installed on arm of a 6 – axis KUKA robot.
After finished process, automatic separation of OK and NOK products takes place.


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