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ALNEA / Automated assembly station

Automated assembly station

A large part of the production is still carried out in manual or semi-automatic mode. The use of advanced machines is common for components or products with very high precision, but there is still little investment in smaller companies. Assembly processes can be automated, a small change can give a big effect in the form of more stable and accurate production. It also allows you to exploit the potential of the operator.

Which assembly processes are easy to automate?

The simplest assembly processes for automation are usually soldering,twisting, folding (e.g. plastic part of the housing). Of course, some products are manufactured in such a way that automation will be unprofitable, or simply the product requires human intervention in terms of accuracy, manual sense or visual control.

Other  processes  do not directly interfere with the product, but contribute to faster production – e.g.  transport, packaging or palletizing.

Assembly stations

Alnea specializes in the construction  of machines, production lines, but we also create assembly stations. Typical mounting stations can be purchased from many companies. However, we equip our stations with equipment according to the customer’s demand. In addition, we create production testers that increase efficiency and reduce losses associated with further processing of defective or non-compliant products.


Semi-automatic assembly

To move away from manual installation, we can use semi-automatic installation. This is a good solution when some processes are easy to automate and others require operator involvement. An example of this is the position where the employee pre-assembles the product and then the machines weld, foil and label it.

Robotic assembly station

Bentley among the production stations is a robotic assembly station. The operator’s task is to deliver components, and integrated robotics and automation systems perform all activities including packaging.

The use of the Horus vision system significantly accelerates the offset of production processes, including assembly processes. Our riveting station for  sub-gutter hooks  has been designed to reduce employee interference.

At Alnea we will design a assembly station for you for the construction industry,  automotive or electronics.

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