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ALNEA / Assembly line for lighting fittings with the robotic station

Assembly line for lighting fittings with the robotic station

The assembly line consists of eight stations, including seven production stations. The robotic station (6) is equipped with a scara robot and an OMRON six-axis robot. Manual stations (2-5) are equipped with control boxes and emergency stop buttons. The line allows manual or automatic operation. The specified cycle time is indicated by appropriate traffic lights.

Modular stands

The stands are connected by a modular and automated belt conveyor. Positioning pallets designed for three different product sizes are set on the conveyor. Elevators (1 and 7) and the bottom conveyor ensure efficient return transport of the stands.

Each station is equipped with control buttons enabling operation in automatic mode, in which the appropriate time is foreseen for each activity. The stopper is released and the conveyors are started in accordance with the time specified for the given operation. In manual and automatic mode, the operator can pause the conveyor and turn it on again. Additional two-handed buttons activate elevators to return the stands.

Line work cycle

The line work cycle can be divided into two alternating parts – process and transport. In the process part, operators perform operations on bindings located on stands. During transport, the stands move between stands. The transport part also includes the movements of elevators at the end stations. Work at the automated station is performed automatically by industrial robots.

Collaboration of robots

The automatic station is equipped with two Omron robots. The six-axis robot takes a lid using pressure grippers and places it on the housing. Scara collects corners, screws and bolts both parts. The adapted HMI screen facilitates process control and production supervision.

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