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ALNEA / Alnea on Integrators KUKA podium winner

Alnea on Integrators KUKA podium winner

At the VII meeting of KUKA Integrators, our company received an award for 2nd place in the number of KUKA robots integrated this year! We met in the historical interiors of the Queen Luiza Adit and the underground of the Guido Mine in Zabrze. Our long-time partner KUKA annually organizes the feast of integrators and invites cooperating companies to a gala celebrating the best.


KUKA Polska has repeatedly awarded our efforts – including in 2015 for our Zeus Soldering Package. This year we were counting on the third place, but in the end we climbed up. This silver medal is only part of the award for our hard work – we have implemented also many robots from other distributors. The award was received by the president of the Alnea Group – Krzysztof Kamiński.


In the event program, the organizers proposed two thematic paths dedicated to the management, people responsible for the company’s development, engineers and technicians who took part in the workshop sessions. In addition, the meeting was enriched by visiting the Guido mine. Although coal is slowly disappearing, the collision with the reality of mining work and mining technologies is inspiring.

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