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ALNEA / Alnea awarded with Laure “The Best of the Best”

Alnea awarded with Laure “The Best of the Best”

Alnea with President Krzysztof Kamiński was awarded the prestigious “Best of the Best” Laurel for 2018 in the category of Innovation and Development. During the XVI Gala, the most famous personalities and companies of Warmia and Mazury were appreciated, who thanks to their involvement and successes stimulate the region to even faster development.

“(…) Over the years, we have nearly 400 great winners who are a kind of pearl in the crown, in the crown of Warmia and Mazury. We are aware that the region is changing intensively in every sphere of social and economic life. We’re successful. Our image is noticeable not only in the country, but also abroad. On such day, in such an evening, especially solemnly realized, that this success of the region is the individual success of wonderful people who, with their passion, their work, their pursuit and success, cause happiness and respect for themselves, for their companies, for their industry, but in the same way they build our region of Warmia and Mazury wonderfully (…). – Gustaw Marek Brzezin, Marshal of the Voivodship.

It’s worth appreciating the great preparation, professionally, efficient, which emphasized the importance of the event. In addition, the organizers took care of a wonderful concert with beautiful musical arrangements, and lobbies meetings were a very good opportunity to talk with representatives of people of culture, sport, politics and business. Team leader Raz Dwa Trzy – Adam Nowak, summarizing the whole event, said that being the best always comes from the soul of man, his needs to change the world. In the modern world, some people do everything to do nothing. The more you should appreciate people who you want to do something.

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